Lori Ann Gregory

Hi, I’m Lori Ann! I am a Parent Educator, certified by the Positive Discipline Association, and the writer/editor here at BeyondPeekaboo.com. Offline, I facilitate workshops and classes, coordinate support groups and retreats, offer parent coaching/consultations, and operate a lending library of books helpful to parents and families.

Beyond Peekaboo’s goals are to:

  • offer parents the skills and discipline tools they need to build positive characteristics and life skills in their children
  • encourage parents to model the behaviors they expect from their children
  • help families create safe, fun, peaceful home environments where relationships are characterized by strong connections and mutual respect
  • equip parents and children to work together in finding solutions to problems
  • promote alternatives to punitive methods of discipline
  • provide families and family-centered organizations in our community with the support and resources they need to meet their own goals

What characteristics do YOU want to see in your child?

We start most classes and sessions by brainstorming a list of characteristics you hope to one day see in your child. We want to help you raise children, teens, and adults who:

  • are physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy
  • are enthusiastic life-long learners and problem-solvers
  • are kind, compassionate, capable, resilient, respectful, peaceful, and honest


Our mission is to equip families with insights and tools to connect in a way that allows each member to feel safe and loved and to thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Our vision is to bring about a more peaceful world, starting with peaceful homes and loving, connected family relationships.