Sometimes, even if you’ve read all the books on the topic, it is challenging to implement those principles to the specific parenting situations you encounter! I offer parent coaching to help you understand your child’s behavior and to work together to find and implement effective, positive solutions. The coaching is available to those who have taken a class or workshop as well as those who have not been able to attend a class. You can receive personalized, confidential Parent Coaching at times when it is convenient for you, either in person or by email.

Parent coaching usually consists of:

  • An initial consultation, preferably in person with all involved parents, lasting 1-2 hours
  • 3 additional coaching sessions, lasting 1 hour each, in person or by email
  • written parenting plans to put into practice between sessions

Initial consultations cost $40. Follow-up emails cost $30 each or $40 for in-person 1 hour sessions. You only pay for one session at a time, so if you feel equipped after just one or two, you are not obligated to pay for remaining sessions!

Email consultations cost $30 per email, which will include a response to the questions and responses you send to me as well as a personalized parenting plan for you to work on implementing until the next email.

To schedule parent coaching, please contact me.

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