Why “Beyond Peekaboo”?

The name “Beyond Peekaboo” comes from my observation that most parents intuitively connect with children in their first months of life, especially apparent with this simple game. Played in many cultures around the world, peekaboo helps infants with important brain and social development, learning object permanence and conquering separation anxiety. But parents don’t need to know those reasons to play it over and over again with their infants – they just respond to those adorable giggles and looks of surprise and keep on playing!

For many parents today, however, the story changes once our children gain mobility, are less passive in accepting our will, and begin tantruming. Many parents lose confidence in their parenting abilities and start to question themselves. I believe this is a good time both to remind parents that they are capable and to equip them with positive parenting tools. What came naturally before might need more support now, which I what I aim to offer.

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