our eldest as an infant, snuggled on dad while napping in the park

“Why won’t he sleep!?” is one of the most common new parent concerns. These resources have helped us understand what to expect from our children’s sleep, and how to establish and maintain healthy sleep routines, habits, and patterns from newborn days and beyond.


Newborn Babies and Sleep PDF by Elizabeth Pantley, author of No-Cry Sleep Solution (we have this book in the Beyond Peekaboo Parenting lending library!)

Floor BedNaps

Solving Naptime Problems by Elizabeth Pantley on The Sleep Store
Shifting Schedules: Changing from Two Naps to One Nap by Elizabeth Pantley on
Transitioning from 2-1 naps from Mommyhood: Next Right

Nighttime Sleep

Helping Young Children Sleep on Hand in Hand Parenting – when a healthy child ages 6 months or older begins waking in the night, and it doesn’t seem to be due to a growth spurt, sometimes emotional tension is the cause. In those cases, “staylistening” (explained in the article) allows the parent to help the child offload those feelings.

Helping Baby Sleep podcast on Hand in Hand Parenting (similar to above article)
one mom’s experience using the Helping Baby Sleep advice: podcast

Giving Up the Pacifier on Hand in Hand Parenting – for when the pacifier is disturbing sleep (as in an infant who wakes every time it falls out)

Sleep Deprivation

Gentle Baby and Toddler Sleep Tips from APtly Said tips for “sleep-deprived parents” of babies & toddlers, including establishing a bedtime routine, plenty of outside playtime, realistic expectations, and safe co-sleeping 
How to Deal with Sleep Deprivation on Natural Parenting Tips Written for parents of newborns. Advice for when the baby is your only and when you have other children.
Sleepless in America
 book by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka, M.A. A great read on finding your child’s natural sleep cycles to help ease them into sleep better. The premise is that children who misbehave may be sleep deprived, and the book has sections for babies through teens (and even some advice for adults).

Sleep Sharing (sometimes called co-sleeping or the family bed)

Co-Sleeping and Bed-Sharing page on KellyMom (breastfeeding website) includes “What is Co-sleeping?”, “Advantages of the Family Bed and Co-sleeping,” “Co-sleeping Safety,” “Night nursing and ear infections?”, and links to numerous medical research studies

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