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The Panda Network and Energy won the first bid of the new year

Panda Electronics  2022-01-10

At the beginning of the new year, Panda Network and Energy successfully won the bid for the Jiangsu terrestrial digital TV transmitter 700 MHz migration project of China Broadcasting Network Group Co., Ltd.. The winning of the project is of great significance for Panda Network and Energy to seize the development opportunity of digital industry and strive for more market share.

This project is to transform the existing transmitter system and antenna feeder system of broadcasting transmitting stations across the country. It is an important basic condition for the construction and operation of broadcasting 5G network.

Since the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Panda Network and Energy has been able to adhere to the transformation of digital industry according to the overall deployment of Panda Electronics, forming three business segments: green power supply, transmitter and emergency broadcasting. In the field of digital broadcasting, it has accumulated strong R&D, manufacturing and system integration capabilities. With the solutions of high-level digital television wireless transmission coverage and leading digital television transmitting equipment development and industrialization capabilities, the company ranks among the excellent suppliers of digital radio and television transmitting equipment in China.

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