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Panda Electronics held the safety production meeting

Panda Electronics  2022-01-10

On the afternoon of January 7th, the company held a safety production work meeting to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's series of important instructions on strengthening safety production, summarize and review the safety production work in 2021, and mobilize the 34th "Safe Production Month" activities. A group of advanced collectives and individuals in safe production were commended. Company leaders Xia Dechuan, Yi Guofu, Guo Qing, Hu Huichun, Shao Bo and Huang Shaofeng attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by the Deputy General Manager of Panda Electronics Mr. Shao Bo. The person in charge of the company's operation management department summarized the safety production work in 2021, and made specific arrangements for the company's 34th " Safe Production Month " activities. The Secretary of the Party Committee of Panda Electronics Mr. Yi Guofu announced the commendation decision.

The General Manager and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Panda Electronics Mr. Xia Dechuan congratulated the commended advanced collectives and individuals and thanked the cadres and workers who have worked hard for the company's work safety. He pointed out that the work safety meeting is the first meeting of the company in the new year, which fully reflects the importance of work safety. All units of the company should firmly establish the concept of safety development, further improve their understanding of the importance of safety production, and create an atmosphere for all staff to participate in safety management; We should deeply draw lessons from the accident, draw inferences from one instance, and implement rectification and preventive measures. In particular, we should highlight the key points, grasp the key links, increase the investigation of hidden dangers, and fundamentally eliminate accidents; Leading cadres should implement the responsibilities, clarify the objectives, fulfill their duties, ensure safe production and provide strong safety guarantee for the high-quality development of the company.

At the meeting, Xia Dechuan and Yi Guofu signed the 2022 Letter of Responsibility for Safe Production with relevant heads of industrial companies respectively.

This meeting reminded the cadres and employees of the company that they must always tighten the string of safety production, not slacken in spirit and strength, so as to create a good beginning for the safety production work of the company throughout the year.

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