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Panda Information won the bid for the AFC project of Suzhou Rail Transit line 7

Panda Electronics  2022-02-18

Recently, Panda Information, a subsidiary of Nanjing Panda Electronics, successfully won the bid for the procurement project of automatic fare collection (AFC) system for Suzhou Rail Transit line 7 project, with amount of 117 million yuan. 

"Automatic fare collection (AFC) system procurement project of Suzhou Rail Transit line 7 project" mainly includes the supply, installation supervision, commissioning and supporting services of the AFC system of line 7, as well as the transformation of the AFC system of the branch line of original line 4.

In recent years, Panda Information has won the bid for rail transit projects in Jiangsu Province and many key cities across the country, and has always been in the forefront of the industry market in the field of Urban Rail business. In the process of project implementation, Panda Information has always consciously shouldered the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, adhered to customer-centered, committed to the research and development of urban rail application software, continuously improved the technical level and project implementation ability of smart urban rail solutions, and made important contributions to the construction of digital cities in many cities.

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