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Panda Equipment Artificial Intelligence R&D Center vigorously promotes the project of intelligent power equipment automatic warehousing and logistics system

Panda Electronics  2022-02-28

Recently, Panda Equipment Artificial Intelligence R&D Center actively organizes R&D to tackle key problems, vigorously promotes the independently developed logistics scheduling system based on intelligent power equipment automatic warehouse (hereinafter referred to as WCS). The system has completed the overall planning and demand collection, and has entered the system design stage.

WCS system fully integrates many functions such as warehouse input management, warehouse output management, warehouse transfer management and alarm monitoring. It can coordinate the operation of various logistics equipment, such as conveyor line, stacker, shuttle car, elevator and other logistics equipment, optimize the decomposition of tasks, analyze the execution path, and provide execution guarantee and optimization for the scheduling instructions of the upper system. It realizes the integration, unified scheduling and monitoring of various equipment system interfaces, improves the unified scheduling management of warehousing and logistics, interfaces with WMS and other software systems, and better improves the depth and breadth of warehousing and logistics management.

So far, the project has completed the overall planning, demand collection and confirmation of each underlying equipment dispatching business. It is planned to complete the system design in mid-March and complete the system development on schedule in mid-May, cooperate with each system for on-line commissioning and system trial operation, comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of product R&D, project management and on-site commissioning, and break through the business barriers of software system.

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