Beyond Peekaboo wants to help you succeed, even if your current financial situation doesn’t allow you to pay the full class tuition. When there is a need, you can use the form below to apply for a scholarship so you can get the support you need to meet your parenting goals.

Please read all of the information on this page before applying so your answers will best help us make scholarship selection choices.

Workshop Scholarships

Use the form below to apply for a 50% Discount or Parent Partner scholarship. Workshops cost $15/adult with the 50% scholarship discount. Workshops cost $45/couple with the Parent Partner scholarship. (If $45/couple is still unaffordable for you, each parent may apply separately for two individual scholarships instead; however we cannot guarantee that you will both receive a scholarship even if one of you do). At this time there are no scholarships available for private parent coaching or for covering the childcare fee.

Availability and Eligibility

Scholarships are awarded on an as-needed and as-available basis. Scholarships are issued to households with at least one child (under the age of 19) in the home. If applying for the Parent Partner scholarship, the two adults sharing the scholarship must be from the same household and parenting the same children.

We trust that you are applying for a scholarship because you would otherwise be unable to take the workshop or join the class, so proof of income is not required (in the field “Reason Requesting Scholarship” below, we are interested in why you want to take the class and what you hope to gain from it, and do not need an explanation of your financial situation). Of course, other class participants will not know that you are attending as the recipient of a scholarship.

Application Process

Applicants please complete the form below. Applications are usually processed two weeks before each workshop or class start date and recipients are notified via email.


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