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Body Safety

Body Safety Rules

I’m hearing a lot of talk about molestation and child abuse, and would like to challenge everyone to argue less about details we don’t know and talk more about what we can all agree on: how to prevent it.

Talking to your kids about body safety, which may feel awkward at first but should still be heard in a trusted relationship, helps prevent abuse or end it if it does happen.

More resources (the first link is short & easy to start using the very practical tips):…

I’m going to share this graphic and the links on threads where the conversation is happening. Let’s put the current heartbreaking news stories to good use by getting this information out there – I guarantee people who need to read it are on those threads!

And if you or someone you know have already suffered abuse, please know first that it was/is NOT YOUR FAULT. Someone touched you when you didn’t want them to (even if your body felt good when they did), and that is NOT okay. Please call the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673) or chat anonymously at

(image thanks to The Mama Bear Effect)